English for Beginners

Living and working in a predominantly English speaking environment can be very challenging when one’s English language skills are not well-developed. Some may face problems in both work and social arenas when communication becomes a barrier. Hence, this course can make your life easier as it provides basic and essential information with many practical inputs. There are many reasons as to why one should attend this course.

  • English for travel

Many non-English speakers find travelling in English-speaking countries stressful especially when it comes to ordering meals, asking for directions and dealing with illness. This course will help you to improve your basic English language to suffice when travelling.

  • English in the workplace

In today’s environment, English is the most common language used in many diverse workplaces. We will help you to communicate more comfortably in your workplace using appropriate terms that will include formal and informal dialogue.

  • English as an opportunity to interact

As we travel and work, we get to meet new people and socialize with them. This is important as new relationships and bonds are formed. Communication can be a barrier if one is not confident enough to use the correct words and terminology. This course will provide you with building block techniques that will develop you to become more confident in speaking, reading and writing.

Cost: SGD 1,395
Duration of Course: 3 weeks
Contact Hours: 48 hours
Includes: All course materials and core handouts
Age Requirement: Minimum 17 years old
Payment Methods:

1. Bank Transfer
Bank Name United Overseas Bank Limited
Bank Address 80 Raffles Place UOB Plaza, Singapore 048624
Beneficiary’s Name HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Pte Ltd
Account No. 357-306-235-1
Beneficiary’s Address 1 Cuppage Road, #03-05A/07, Singapore 229469
2. Cheque
Cheque to be made payable to HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Pte Ltd

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