Foundation Course in International Hotel and Tourism Management

Next semesters start: 21 September 2020, 2 November 2020, & 11 January 2021

The Foundation Course programme is designed for those individuals who may have few academic qualifications from school level and who seek to improve their awards prior to entering the Hospitality/ Tourism industries. The programme covers entry level Hospitality/ Hotel/ Tourism operations and concepts and includes numeracy, IT skills and intercultural communications.

No. Module Description
1. Fundamentals of Hospitality Operations This module introduces students to the key operational departments of a hotel and restaurant. They key areas specifically covered include the restaurant, bar, kitchen, banquets, front office, housekeeping and guest relations. Students will gain specific knowledge of each department including the interaction between departments. This module will introduce students to the concept of “Quality Guest Service” and what is required to achieving guest satisfaction. A key component of this module is to visit a range of hospitality enterprises in order to fully understand how the key operational departments function.
2. Intercultural Communication Intercultural Communication is they key to being able to deal with people and situations across cultures and is especially important within the field of hospitality. This module will help to better understand cross-cultural complexity and develop an awareness of your own and others’ cultural identities by highlight notable variations in communication styles and cultural values. This will help build an intercultural competence both in a personal and professional sense.
3. Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism This module introduces students to the hospitality and tourism industry, including the development of the tourism and hospitality industries, structure and organization of various types of operations giving the student an awareness of the social and economic role, responsibilities and opportunities in hospitality and tourism. The module also provides an overview of the departmental and overall management functions within hospitality in both revenue and non-revenue related departments. Field trips to a range of tourism and hospitality sites support the module.
4. Numeracy for the Hospitality Industry The use of numeracy is a vital component of a student’s toolkit in developing a successful career in hospitality. This module reviews basic numeracy principles and applies them to the hospitality business environment. It includes the use of numbers within a range of operational areas in hospitality including food and beverage, culinary and the rooms division. Emphasis is placed on both practical uses and interpretation of numerical information as it applies to business, but in particular to the hospitality environment.
5. Research and Study Skills The aim of this module is to enable learners to gain essential knowledge and understanding of various study skills that will unlock their learning potential and empower them to gradually improve in their academic work. It also provides a foundation for learners to practice their reading and writing skills in schools and beyond.

Academic Requirements: 1 x pass in GCE ‘O’ levels, NITEC or Higher NITEC certification.
Age Requirements: At least 16 years old.
Language Proficiency: IELTS 5.0 or pass HTMi (Singapore) English Placement Test.

Delivery Method

The Foundation Course programme consists of a total of 5 modules and may be completed in 6 months. The mode of delivery is face-to-face with a total contact of 200 hours for all modules in the programme. The programme is scheduled weekly for 5 days and for a maximum of 6 hours per day.

Assessment Method

Written Exams and Final Projects.

Upon the successful completion and fulfilling all requirements to pass the modules in the programme, students will be awarded the Foundation Course in International Hotel and Tourism Management from HTMi (Singapore).

Foundation Course graduates can continue on to the Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management.

Fees Local International
Application Fee# SGD 500 SGD 500
Non-Tuition Fee SGD 0 SGD 0
Tuition Fee SGD 2,140 SGD 4,815
Total SGD 2,640 SGD 5,315

All fees quoted above are inclusive of GST.
#Application fee is inclusive of GST. Application fee is non-refundable.

Payment Methods

1. Bank Transfer  
Bank Name United Overseas Bank Limited
Bank Address 80 Raffles Place UOB Plaza, Singapore 048624
Beneficiary’s Name HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Pte Ltd
Account No. 357-306-235-1
Beneficiary’s Address 1 Cuppage Road, #03-05A/07, Singapore 229469
2. Cheque
Cheque to be made payable to HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Pte Ltd

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Programme Progression

Foundation Course in International Hotel and Tourism Management
Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management
Advanced Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management

(Students graduating at Advanced Diploma level will be offered assistance and advice on options for higher level studies and career placement.)