News Release – HTMi Switzerland Announces Team for EMCup 2020

HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland is proud to announce its new team for the EMCUp 2020 in Maastricht, Netherlands. Congratulations to Martina Leep, Hungary, Renee de Bruyn, the Netherlands, Rakiya Akimalieva, Kazakhstan, Adnan Kulenovic, Croatia and Dan Minh, Czech Republic. The team name is Inside-out and their motto is: “Start From Within”. This will be HTMi’s fourth time at the competition.

The EMCup is the annual competition amongst forty of the best European Hotel Management Schools and offers students the chance to make a difference with their visions and ideas. The theme for next year’s competition is “Battle of the Brands – Will Hotel Chains Survive, in the Battle for Guest Loyalty? Our team is very busy at work to meet all the deadlines of the many challenges for the competition such as writing an academic research paper, sales pitch, debates and creating and maintaining social media channels, amongst others.

In 2019 HTMi Switzerland came in sixth place, overall and number one in Switzerland and we hope to better that position in Europe in 2020 under the leadership and guidance of coaches Anthony Lack and Tudor Campan. We wish the team the very best of luck and success in 2020.

Anthony Lack, HTMi Head of Events Education and Planning, November 2019


Academic Business English (ABE) at Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport is a nature-themed entertainment and retail complex on the landside of Changi Airport, Singapore. Linked to three of its passenger terminals, the centerpiece is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, named the Rain Vortex, which is surrounded by a terraced forest setting.

Our students were given an opportunity to visit Jewel as one of their lessons for Academic Business English (ABE). They were each given a task to complete within a given time limit. As Jewel is a well-known tourist attraction, students were asked to speak to five different tourists; each of different nationalities. They were instructed to ask these tourists relevant questions to know more about the reason for them to visit Jewel. The aim of this lesson was to allow students to approach and speak to strangers confidently as it is important for their future hotel careers.

Initially, our students were feeling a little shy but overtime they got the hang of it and they did an awesome job!


The Flag is Flying and We Are Getting Ready For…

World Hospitality Student Championships!

Congratulations to the World Hospitality Student Championships Organising Committee for mobilising this international event.

Well done to Michelle Schuster, Nina Mueller, Sergej Jezelev, Dan Popa, Stefanos Mourelatos and Andreas Kurfurst, and thanks to the branding and media support Laird Morris.


2017 Entrepreneurship Award – Vinoth Prakas

Normally HTMi presents all awards at the Graduation and Awards Ceremony, however today’s recipient cannot be at the ceremony as he is getting married at that time.

HTMi congratulates Vinoth Prakas, HTMi Group Director of Diplomatic Relations and Director HTMi (Singapore), on achieving the rare Entrepreneurship Award in 2017. This award is only granted in very rare cases where an individual connected with HTMi shows an outstanding and significant contribution to the success of HTMi, under very difficult and challenging circumstances involving a lot of personal dedication, creativity and results.

In 2017, we have no hesitation in presenting this award to Vinoth, who has been the key to building up our Singapore Institute, achieving our local and international recruitment license there, smoothing our path internationally to have strong diplomatic relations with Governments globally, acquiring large projects both Government and private to lift HTMi brand in the Oceanic, Asian, and African continents.

All of this high achievement is in the face of strong competition, and requiring high personal dedication. In addition to securing a large training Government training contract to support the booming Vietnamese hotel and tourism industry, Vinoth also secured a very valuable contract with Mulpha Australia to have HTMi courses in 3 cities to start with, and more to follow.

Vinoth is a true entrepreneur, and we are very proud of him, and very excited to see what he does in the coming years for HTMi. We also extend our best wishes and happiness to him and fiancée on their upcoming marriage.

Ian Larmour, Managing Director, HTMi International Development Group


Winner 2017 World Cake Design Championships

Congratulations to HTMi Executive Chef Andreas Kurfurt for leading the United Arab Emirates world culinary team to victory against 18 other national teams, to be winners of the 2017 World Cake Design Championships held in Milan this month.

Pictured in Milan and in HTMi Switzerland are the world champions, and we are all very proud of them

HTMi International Development Group Middle East Division


2017 Swisstouches Culinary Conference

As our 2017 Swisstouches Culinary Conference  closes, results speak for themselves. Well done to the culinary team, and thanks to our instructor, Chef Andy Kurfurst, now on his way to take part in the judging of the Philippines National Culinary Championships.

2017 Swisstouches Culinary Conference2017 Swisstouches Culinary Conference2017 Swisstouches Culinary Conference

Leading Hotel Companies Representatives Support HTMi (Singapore)

We are delighted to welcome senior representatives from the following hotels who came to HTMi (Singapore) opening ceremony on 15th December 2015. HTMi (Singapore) is delighted for this support for our future students and graduates and the clear commitment shown towards lasting and strong relationships. HTMi is very grateful for this important support from the hospitality industry in Singapore

HTMi (Singapore) Leadership Team, December 2015



Hotel Logos Opening Ceremony


HTMi (Singapore) Open House, 16 – 20 December

Visit us at the open house from the 16th of December until the 20th of December 2015 at the institute to find out about the fantastic opportunities following the Programme Progression to a double degree.

Call us at: +65 68154528, or if you prefer, send us an email at info@htmi.sg

HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute
51 Cuppage Road, #03-05, Opposite the Holiday Inn Orchard
Singapore 229469


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