Hi! My name is Moe Thura Khant. I am from Myanmar.

My stay in Singapore has been a great experience so far. Although the weather is very hot and the recent presence of the haze, I feel that Singapore is a very vibrant city due to the people and the environment. The amazing foods have also caught my attention. Especially those famous local dishes such as Hainanese chicken rice, Singapore chili crab and many more.

As for the facilities in HTMi (Singapore), it is very spacious and has a warm welcoming atmosphere. When I first arrived, the airport pickup had made my arrival here much more convenient. The orientation that was conducted during the first two days has helped me gain more knowledge about my classmates and the institute itself. The lecturers and everyone else have helped me settle down comfortably, especially giving me proper guidance in my academics. The past few weeks have been vigorous but I strongly believe that it will help me in my future. Overall, my experience in HTMi (Singapore) and my stay here have been both a satisfying and enjoyable one, thus far!