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Welcome to HTMi

Hotel and Tourism Management Institute

A Leading Hotel Management Institute in the World

We are delighted to offer the best of Swiss HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute education and training from HTMi (Singapore)’s sister school in Switzerland, blended with the high quality Singapore hospitality industry and world-class education quality system. HTMi is a leading and innovative hospitality and tourism institute in the world. Our mission is “Come as a Student, Become a Manager”. HTMi (Singapore) is a unique centre of excellence for hospitality industry skills, training and education. Our certified courses use all the learning and material from industry partners including, Swisstouches Hotels & Resorts. Students can qualify and then go to work internationally or they can progress to a higher-level management degree programmes. Welcome to HTMi (Singapore).

HTMi Switzerland Moving Forward

HTMi Switzerland is the Swiss education and training centre representing the HTMi brand globally, and due to its excellent reputation and achievements, has grown to four HTMi fully branded campuses in Switzerland, Singapore, Dubai and Australia (Visit > Campuses), [...]

  • HTMi Zista Education

HTMi Switzerland Welcomes Zista Education, Mumbai, India

Zista Education is a leading hospitality education brand development company in India, and pictured with Ian Larmour, HTMi Switzerland Managing Director, is Ms Mitali Rawool, Assistant Director Engagements. HTMi International Development Group, South Asia Division.

  • Congratulations HTMi receives the ICO from KHDA Dubai

Congratulations HTMi receives the ICO from KHDA Dubai

Congratulations HTMi receives the ICO (International Certification Organisation) Certificate from KHDA Dubai The HTMi Team (Vinoth Prakas, Director of Diplomatic Relations; Mrs Linda Quinn, Academic Admin Manager, and Mr Bernie Quinn, International Academic Director) pictured have successfully applied for [...]

  • World Hospitality Student Championship Flag

The Flag is Flying and We Are Getting Ready For…

World Hospitality Student Championships! Congratulations to the World Hospitality Student Championships Organising Committee for mobilising this international event. Well done to Michelle Schuster, Nina Mueller, Sergej Jezelev, Dan Popa, Stefanos Mourelatos and Andreas Kurfurst, and thanks to [...]

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Vinoth

To Mr. and Mrs. Vinoth Prakas, We would like to congratulate you on this wonderful journey, as you build your new lives together. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. From your colleagues and friends at HTMi Hotel and Tourism [...]

  • 2017 Entrepreneurship Award – Vinoth Prakas

2017 Entrepreneurship Award – Vinoth Prakas

Normally HTMi presents all awards at the Graduation and Awards Ceremony, however today’s recipient cannot be at the ceremony as he is getting married at that time. HTMi congratulates Vinoth Prakas, HTMi Group Director of Diplomatic Relations and Director HTMi [...]